The Tapas Bar You Need To Try

by Bree Reidy/Visit Logan
#hop_space is the new bar in town that’s fast becoming known for their extensive line up of craft beers and spirits as well as their mouth-watering tapas.
Tucked away in Springwood’s Pacific Chambers (just off a service road), #hop_space’s rustic interior is inviting, complete with a hand painted hop mural to match the abundance of plants giving the bar a relaxing pop of colour.

From the wide selection of craft beer, wine, selected craft spirits and beautiful gins to the carefully crafted tapas menu, #hop_space is a reflection of the inner-city bar vibe that owner’s Nicole and Tony love.

“We wanted to go somewhere local to have a funky drink, but when we go out we have to get an Uber into West End or the Valley to find what we’re looking for” said Nicole.
Image: #hop_space Craft Gin

“Somewhere you can get craft beers or you know what we were looking for, there were places we would go around here but we thought there was something a bit lacking.”

It’s not just the selection of drinks that has people talking, each dish sounds more delicious than the last. The menu is mainly tapas, so you can pick and choose different dishes to suit your tastes, share with friends or keep the plate to yourself.

“I like to try everything and when I go out I always over order because I’m like oh my god I want those wings and oh my god I need that cheese or I need this so in my mind it’s the perfect way to get everything you want and not break the budget” said Nicole.

The garlic prawns are a firm favourite, served in the small frying pan it was cooked in. The smell of garlic wafts as the plate is brought to the table accompanied by the sounds of the sizzling pan. Not to be outshone is the twice cooked pork belly, fried in a chilli caramel and Szechuan pepper.
Image: #hop_space Twice Cooked Cripsy Pork Belly

You can also get a sense of Nicole’s personality as a chef when perusing the menu, inspired by the produce available across the city. Her love for Logan is clear when you start talking about the city’s emerging food culture, which was a driving factor in opening up #hop_space in Springwood when it could have so easily thrived closer to Brisbane.

“I moved here four years ago and I love it, it’s fantastic. I love the grocery shopping, I know that sounds mad but I’m a chef and I love ethnic food. I love that fact that I can go to Logan Central and I can go to a Fijian spice shop, and then I can go to an Indian spice shop, and then I can go to the Thai Lao grocery supermarket.

“I love the food diversity and the food culture in Logan is awesome”.

Tempted to visit? Check out the #hop_space page for location details and opening hours.