Eight things you need to taste at Memories of India

by Discover Ipswich staff writer - 29 Jul 2019
The Indian restaurant in the old heritage corner pub building brings both traditional Indian cuisine and modern creations to the table. This is a big menu to explore but here are some highlights to whet your appetite from Memories of India…
1. Butter Chicken
This is a universal crowd pleaser but here they make it using chicken that’s been cooked over charcoal in the clay oven for supreme smokiness and depth of flavour in this universal crowd pleaser.
2. Vodka Chicken
Remember how we said some modern dishes? Well this is one of those. The chicken is marinated overnight in the vodka then spiced and cooked in the tandoor. It also happens to be the most popular takeaway order here.
3. Chicken 65
Developed for the kids but a bit of a hit with adults too – crunchy fried chicken flavoured with light spices including ginger and garlic.
4. Lamb cutlets
They’re marinated with yoghurt and cumin and cooked in the tandoor oven then finished with lemon.
5. The Rice
Why order plain steamed rice when you can choose coconut or saffron versions, or Peas Pulao, cooked with cumin and peas; or Lemon Rice with curry leaves, mustard seed and citrus.
6. Goat Curry
This is a popular item on the menu and an aromatic Indian classic with the meat cooked on the bone in a spiced onion and tomato gravy.
7. Paneer corn fritters
Not something you would usually find on an Indian menu but a moreish, cheesy bite made with chickpea flour, fried until golden.
8. Okra
Another classic that is sometimes hard to find on Queensland menus – featuring Okra in a gingery tomato sauce.
Memories of India is located at 25 Brisbane St, Ipswich. It is open 11:30am – 2:30pm for lunch Tuesday-Friday and for dinner seven days.  Phone 3418 3369.