Balloon flight and breakfast

by Discover Ipswich staff writer - 29 Jul 2019
A one hour city and country balloon flight with a hearty breakfast...

If you’ve ever imagined floating gracefully above the ground while watching the sunrise and then tucking into a hearty breakfast, then this tour is for you.

Simply drive 30 minutes west of the Brisbane Central Business District to experience a one hour city and country balloon flight followed by a beautiful brekky.

Floating Images Hot Air Balloon Flights is Brisbane's closest hot air ballooning company.

While the 4am wake up call can be a little bit daunting, you’ll soon wake up as the fresh morning air hits you.

Pilot and business owner Graeme Day lets you take part in helping to inflate the balloon and runs over the safety information before you climb into the basket.  You gracefully take off from the ground and rise slowly into the sky.

Passengers can enjoy glorious views whilst floating majestically over the heritage city of Ipswich, the Scenic Rim and Somerset country sides.

Graeme has over 27 years’ experience across three continents, with the last 17 years based in the Ipswich region, so he knows the weather, geography and history very well.

After your one hour flight you’ll be brought safely to the ground. 

Once you’ve climbed out of the basket, take the chance to work up a hunger while deflating the balloon before you head to popular cafe Fourthchild for breakfast.

Tuck into your breakfast and take the opportunity to buy some photos of your experience.