Awassi Cheesery

by Tracy Vellacott - 10 Apr 2019
New purpose-built cheesery, milking parlour and farm gate outlet Whether you want to make bespoke cheeses, eat bespoke cheeses, buy bespoke cheeses, milk sheep or just relax in the avocado grove and enjoy a cheese platter among the gentle, pottering Awassi sheep, a visit to Di and Dave Piggott's Lockyer Valley's Awassi Cheesery won't disappoint.
Awassi Cheesery is a 'Farmstead Cheesery' by the true definition... "farmstead cheese, less commonly known as farmhouse cheese, is produced from the milk collected on the same farm where the cheese is produced. Unlike artisan cheese, which may also include milk purchased and transported from off-farm sources, farmstead chesse makers only use milk from animals they raise." Awassi cheeses are handcrafted in the full sense of the word, from the paddock to the milking parlour to the cheesery. Every aspect of making the finest cheese is under the watchful eye of the cheese maker.
Di's cheeses include the hero "Grantham", aptly named after the town Di and Dave call home. There's also an Awassi camembert, a pepper pecorinoo and you can't beat the tastiest feta atop half a Flagstone Fresh cherry tomato. Yum!
Have you caught on to the labneh trend? For a savoury, cheesy flavour, the Awassi labneh is infused with Coolana Olives' lemon, rosemay and garlic oil, a chilli lime oil, even a blood orange oil. Delicious! If you're lucky, Di will have some sweet treats in the fridge or freezer made from her creamy labneh.
Dating back to biblical times, Awassi are considered one of the best milking breeds in the world, for quality and quantity. The milk is naturally homogenised, high in fat and proteins, low in lactose and makes a very high quality of cheese.
Di and Dave love what they do and they're living their cheese dream!

**Due to on farm biosecurity domestic pets are not allowed on the farm.