Caffe Sorella Gelato Bar

by Tracy Vellacott
Serving Delizia Gelato and Sorbet, Luciana Conte’s new baby is as welcoming and chic as neighbouring Caffe Sorella.

The enchanting Caffe Sorella, well known for their seven-day breakfasts and large selection of popular home-made cheesecakes, has a new sibling… the Caffe Sorella Gelato Bar.
Delizia gelato has an intense and dense flavour that cannot be matched by supermarket-style ice cream. Lower in fat than ice cream and without the air whipping, the gelato is not as cold as ice cream and melts fast so eat up!
The gelato and sorbet are made the traditional way using high quality, natural ingredients. Classical Italian food is regionalised because the fresh ingredients around each region differ. The master gelato artisan would look around their new home, use local dairies and fruit growers, find the freshest ingredients, make the finest gelato, and make it in small batches. Expect Kensington Pride mangoes from Far North Queensland; macadamia nuts also from Queensland; lemons from South Australia; and freshly ground coffee beans from Campos Coffee. That is what Delizia do.
Luciana has owned and operated Caffe Sorella for over a decade, turning an old grocery store into her passion. Previously she had a little general store, but it was a cafe that called to her. Making coffee and food, and seeing people eating and enjoying her products gives Luciana great joy.
“I've always strived to make sure my business is running the best it can be... and my reward is the customer return,” she said.