Amazing Grace Patisserie & Laidley Florist

by Tracy Vellacott - 10 Apr 2019
Rustique Rose Florist & Amazing Grace Patisserie combines a love of flowers, history and atmosphere.

Situated in the historic Giesemann’s Building’s in the picturesque country town of Laidley, Amazing Grace Patisserie & Rustique Rose Florist combines a love of flowers, history and atmosphere, and has become an iconic Lockyer Valley attraction for lovers of old-world charm.

Amazing Grace Patisserie is complete with original fine china, tea pots and music, surrounded by the aroma of beautiful bunches of fresh flowers and espresso coffee, this is the perfect place to experience High Tea or just a charming morning or afternoon tea.

Amazing Grace Patisserie also provides customers with a range of delicious, decadent cakes and slices. A perfect addition to enjoy with a cuppa or to add a unique gift with your flowers.

Open 8am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 12 noon on Saturdays.