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The Staging Post Café is a Modern Australian Cafe / Restaurant specialising in quality produce from the local region.


Located inside the Lockyer Valley Cultural Centre, the menu showcases the freshest and the best the region has to offer, from scones with local jam and cream through to locally produced export quality meats and vegetables.


Situated in the Lake Apex parklands, beside a major bird watching sanctuary, the Staging Post Cafe & Restaurant is the perfect spot for a casual coffee, light meal or quality dining experience. 


The Staging Post Café allows for easy access to Queensland Transport Museum and the Regional Art Gallery.


The Queensland Transport Museum features a magnificent display of various forms of transport of various ages and a display of over 200 models that explore the creations, founders and functions of the Transport Industry.


The Western Transport Exhibit at the Queensland Transport Museum in Gatton Queensland is not only a tribute to J.C. (Cyril) Anderson and his brother M.J.R. (Curly) Anderson, but also to the men and women who worked for this great company. The part these 'pioneering' men and women played in opening up the regional towns of Queensland and Australia should not be under estimated. Western Oilfields Trucking helped open up the oil and gas fields of Australia at a time when roads and certainly highways did not exist. When it rained on the black soil plains west of Toowoomba drivers had no option but to either sit and wait for the roads to dry, or to unload their loads and dig their trucks out of bog holes.


The Lockyer Valley Art Gallery is a stunning venue where local emerging artists can be discovered. The display changes monthly.