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Ghost Gully Produce

Family owned and operated hydroponic lettuce and herb farm

The Lockyer Valley is home to some of Australia’s largest and most well-known farming operations, but you'll also find organic and boutique producers like Ghost Gully Produce.
Ghost Gully is a family owned and operated hydroponic lettuce and herb farm in the heart of the Lockyer Valley. Kym and Gary Samuelson pride themselves on producing a superior product, which is hand harvested, packed and delivered fresh from Gatton, to Brisbane and Toowoomba.
Ghost Gully product is quality assured with HACCP Certification to guarantee excellent produce and is consistently awarded Grand Champion at the district show in the categories, Collection of Lettuce for Salad, Herbs, Distinctive Herbs and Three Lettuce.
The use of cutting edge technology at Ghost Gully Produce has enabled them to become more efficient and sustainable farmers. They grow pesticide free and with sustainable organic elements. All salad lines are washed in ozone treated water, which promote longer shelf-life and leaves no residue.
MUST DO:  Visit the Salad Shed at Ghost Gully Produce (2 Rangeview Drive Gatton) to stock up on luscious leaves, herbs, even edible flowers! Open seven days a week and you never know what other local produce you’ll find in the fridge. 

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Salad Shed Open 7 days a week

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