Scenic Rim Distilled: A guide for thirsty travellers

by Scenic Rim Eat Local Week
MASTER of wine, Peter Scudamore-Smith, has declared the Scenic Rim home to some impressive and surprising wines and artisan beers in his new guide to the region’s wine, beer and coffee products.

Scenic Rim Distilled, A guide for thirsty travellers is a user-friendly guide which rates the Scenic Rim's drinks.

Master of Wine Peter Scudamore-Smith spent many weeks travelling through the picturesque Scenic Rim, tasting and assessing the drinks to compile the guide.

He rated more than 70 of the wines and beers a score of 90 or higher (out of 100), putting them at silver or gold medal standard.

“Before I embarked on this project I knew very little of the local Scenic Rim wines and beers,” says Mr Scudamore-Smith.

“I didn’t know what to expect and I was really surprised at the quality of what is being produced in the region. I had no idea of the diversity of product and how fantastic the drinks are … from artisan beers to a local gin to a selection of reds that are meaty, rich and deep.”

Scenic Rim Eat Local Week plates up from June 29 to July 7, 2019 and features more than 90 events, including farm and vineyard tours, producer lunches, wine dinners, cooking classes and the signature event, the Winter Harvest Festival.

Mr Scudamore-Smith believes wine tastes better at the source and says Eat Local Week is the perfect opportunity to buy wines direct from the producers and enjoy them in situ.

While the standard of beverages was high across the region, Mr Scudamore-Smith says he was particularly impressed by the Barney Creek Fortified Red The Entertainer (92), the Witches Falls Prophecy Shiraz (95), Mason Wines Chardonnay (95), Heritage Wines Chardonnay (94), Mt Tamborine The Alchemist Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon (94), the Beard & Brau Red Tail Steam Ale (95) and the Tamborine Mountain Distillery Lilly Pilly Pink Gin (95).

“The Barney Creek Shiraz Mourvedre Grenache was quite amazing,” says Mr Scudamore-Smith.
“It is a deep-flavoured red and the only way you can taste it is to go there and stay in one of the cottages. Grange buyers look for flavours like that, it’s a real mouthful of wine.

“I had a fun time travelling around the region. The wines really respect where they come from and have a real sense of place about them. Everything is in sync – the vista, the taste and the people presenting them.”

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About the Author Peter Scudamore-Smith
Peter is a Master of Wine and the second person to be awarded this honour in Australia. A Master of Wine is recognised as the highest achievement in the global wine community.  Peter advises  private and public organisations on wine industry strategies and the production of wine from vine to table. Peter has global recognition as a wine educator, wine assessor and wine show judge.