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Moffatt Fresh Produce

Moffatt Family Produce is one of Australia's largest suppliers of carrots and onions.

For nearly a century, the Moffatt family has tilled the rich, alluvial soil of the Fassifern Valley in Tarome to bring top-quality, fresh food to the tables of Australian families. The business is now one of the country’s largest suppliers of carrots and onions. Scott Moffatt and Company are committed to sustainable farming practices and employ natural farming systems, which require minimal chemicals and fertilisers. They respect their fertile soils, free of contaminents, and an abundant supply of pristine water, so as to provide Aussie families with ‘fresh, clean and green’ veg. Steve Moffatt is a fourth-generation farmer, who is proud of his heritage. He now heads the business and feels optimistic about the future of farming in Australia and the Scenic Rim. 

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