South East Queesland Food Trails - Pure Artisan Cheese

Pure Artisan Cheese

Pure Artisan Cheese is an award-winning artisan product produced on Tamborine Mountain primarily using Scenic Rim 4Real Milk.

Pure Artisan Cheese owner Mike Reeve has been a traditional cheesemaker for 23 years and received global recognition for his work in the UK and continues to make award-winning cheese on Tambrine Mountain.

Under his Pure Artisan Cheese brand, he makes triple cream brie, truffle triple cream brie, black ash brie, Camembert, washed rind, pure blue and Millie's blue. Under his Millie's Heritage Cheese brand, he makes triple cream brie, Camembert, chilli and garlic feta, washed rind, blue, black ash brie and truffle ash brie.

He also makes the Scenic Rim 4Real Milk branded cheese, including triple cream brie, haloumi, Camembert, cow feta, marinated feta, red Leicester and clothbound cheddar.

Mike also makes the Scenic Rim Lavender lavender cheese and the Witches Falls Winery labelled cheese.

Keep an eye out for his products in stores locally and further afield.

Opening hours

Cheese workshop not directly open to the public. Contact Pure Artisan Cheese to enquire about stockists.