Experience Nash Gallery and Cafe – Esk

by Experience Somerset
Nash Gallery and Cafe, located in the main street of Esk in the historic Lars Anderson house, is a combination of everything owners Gavin Nash and Sandee Boyd enjoy most. They thrive off creating hand thrown crystalline pottery and flavoursome food infused with fresh herbs and local produce.

As you enter this beautiful building built in the late 1800’s, it’s easy to see why people enjoy this space. Interesting art and handcrafted goods line the walls, the aroma of their fresh south-east Queensland coffee in the air and a lively buzz as the kitchen prepares its homemade treats for the day. Tables are lined with paper and coupled with colourful crayons; it acts as a welcome invitation for diners to channel their inner artist.

Gavin and Sandee have always dreamt of creating a homely space that shares beautiful art and delicious food. After travelling through Esk one day, Sandee promptly fell in love with the small country town. With Esk in the back of her mind, Gavin and Sandee eventually made the move from North Queensland to settle in Esk, and begin their dream.

The building is full of artworks and knick knacks created by Somerset artists, unique wooden items, in-house made preserves and of course the beautiful handmade crystalline pottery hand crafted by owner Gavin Nash. Not a standard gallery, but no less amazing, it’s full of charm and friendly staff. Nash Gallery and Cafe also provide a range of Queensland made flower essences and herbal lavender products made just up the road in Toowoomba.

And let’s not forget the food! A delicious array of breakfast, lunch and sweet treats await you! Home made, fresh and tasty, catering for a number of food requirements too. Gluten Free, Vegetarian, and Vegan – you name it! You’ll visit for a coffee, stay for the art and return for the food!

Gavin often provides pottery demonstrations on the veranda to tour groups, if you’re a keen potter or would like to organise something interesting for your tour group, this is the perfect stop for you.

Nash Gallery and Cafe, a unique, quirky place, home to delicious food and incredible art! The perfect place for a quiet coffee, lively lunch or a delicious homemade treat with a helping of art on the side!
Find your spot, and settle in, you’re guaranteed a memorable moment here.