Bikes & Bites

by Toowoomba Region
From easy, family-friendly rides to extreme downhill mountain biking options. To get you started, here are three local rides along with somewhere to get coffee or lunch afterwards.

Bikeline's Shop Ride + Ortem

If you’ve ever had breakfast at Ortem and wondered why there are so many people in lycra, you can thank (or not thank) the Bikeline Group Ride! The 25km ride happens every Wednesday morning at 5.30am and is set at a beginner pace. If you’re up for more of a challenge, the Saturday rides are 32km – it’s a loop of Prince Henry Heights, then out to USQ and then back to town for a coffee. Call Bikeline (4638 2242) for more information.

Address: Ortem,15 Railway Street
Phone: (07) 4632 0090
Instagram: @ortemtoowoomba

West & East Creek Track + Parkhouse Cafe

Starting at Queens Park on the Hume Street side, make your way along Kitchener Street and down to Aberdeen Street and Ballin Drive along East Creek. You’ll pass through Garnet Lehmann Park, which has playground facilities and lots of open space to explore. Come back along Spring Street, before turning onto the tracks within the West Creek parklands. Continue along Water Street, Dent Street and then back to the park. Find the full route map here. This is a family-friendly ride, mostly on dedicated bike paths. There are plenty of parks along the way to stop with children, or we recommend finishing your ride with lunch at the Parkhouse Café, which has bike racks out the front.

Address: Parkhouse Cafe, 92 Margaret Street
Phone: (07) 4638 2211

Highfields Loop + Copper Bench

Each Friday morning the Darling Downs Cycling Club does their ‘Friday Fiasco Loop’ starting at 5am. The 37km distance takes you from North Toowoomba up to Meringandan, through Highfields and back again. They always end with coffee at Copper Bench. Whether or not you join the club for their ride or simply want to take a leaf from their book, this is a beautiful ride up north, taking in some parklands and parts of Murphy’s Creek. Find out more about the Darling Downs Cycling Club here.

Address: Copper Bench, 48 Ruthven Street
Phone: (07) 4564 8833

Some safety tips for sharing our roads:

  • ride to be visible so you and your bicycle can be seen.
  • ride predictably and use hand signals.
  • be aware of the main blind spots for cars.
  • know and obey the road rules.
  • be considerate of other road users.

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