Toowoomba offers a taste of the high country with its rich soils and a vibrant local food scene that celebrates seasonal bounty. From quaint cafes to sophisticated dining, explore a palette of flavours that paint a picture of the region's agricultural heritage and culinary innovation.

Toowoomba Region Trails

What's up, fun seekers and food lovers? If you're on the hunt for a place where the evening sparkles with good eats, great drinks, and even better music, Toowoomba's your spot. Whether you’re vibing on some live tunes or relishing a mouthwatering meal, our city lights up when the sun goes down.
Welcome to Toowoomba, where culinary delights and fresh local produce await at every corner. From a charming café for breakfast, to a winery and gourmet restaurants, here's how to spend 24 foodie hours in Toowoomba.