Sunshine Coast, where laid-back beach vibes meet a thriving food scene, offering a sunny mix of coast and country flavours. Dive into vibrant markets, dine at innovative farm-to-table restaurants, and sip on craft brews with a view — this is the place to savour life under the sun.

Sunshine Coast Trails

Welcome to the Sunshine Coast, where the grass is greener, the cows are happier, and the cheese? Well, it's downright legendary. Let's take a jaunt through the land of the cheese idols, where every slice tells a story, and every cheeseboard is a map of this lush region.
Spend a fun-filled day on the Sunshine Coast, hopping between beautiful beaches and delicious restaurants. From morning swims to tasty dinners, this itinerary will shows you the best spots to savour delicious food while soaking up the sun.